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Serving Snohomish and North King County Washington since 1984

With over 25 years of experience as a solo practitioner, Ron Steingold can help you resolve even the most complex situations.

One-on-One Guidance to a Solution that is Right for You

Ron Steingold provides direct and personal service without gatekeepers who keep you away from your attorney like in other firms. You won't be shunted off to a junior associate, paralegal or inexperienced secretary. One-on-one communication fosters a greater understanding of the case at hand and what the client really needs. Just because a client can do something in a case doesn't necessarily mean that it's best to do it. Ron Steingold constantly evaluates the cost-benefit of how to proceed and regularly consults with his client about what works best.

Ron Steingold Seeks Practical Solutions

Often by looking beyond the positions stated by the parties, the real needs of each party can be determined.  This can lead to practical solutions.  With knowledge and experience in arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences and settlement negotiations, Ron Steingold often finds a solution that avoids trial.  But there are some times and some circumstances where alternate dispute resolution is neither required nor appropriate.  Ron Steingold works as a team with his client to decide whether and how to proceed with alternate dispute resolution. 

A Small Case Load so your matter counts

At many firms the attorney takes on too many cases and your matter can get short-changed.  Ron Steingold limits the matters he takes so that he isn't too busy to do what is needed for each client.

Technology so the Attorney-Client teams works better

Extensive use of email directly with the attorney is available for faster and better communication.  Simple matters can often be handled without an office visit using email and/or various collaboration software applications.  Pleadings and other documents can be exchanged electronically, saving time and money.